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Ticam (Trasporti Italiani Carrelli Automotrici Martinetti) is a young company born of the thirtieth of professionals in the field of special transport.

Ticam designs and manufactures Manuals and Remote Trolleys, Jacks and lifting beams.

The real strength of the company is the Dumbo, invented, designed, tested and patented by our professionals through a long experience lasted about 10 years.
Capable of carrying from 20 to 200 tons this machine is suitable for any work environment and provides excellent performance in all conditions, even in the most critical ones.

Dumbo, mainly used in the fields of wind, sea, air water, power generators, military and industrial is synonymous of safety and reliability for your transport.

Without attacks and external sockets and radio-controlled remote, allows you to work in total safety and peace of mind allowing you to save on the cost and speed of transportation and work at the same time in complete autonomy and security.