Dumbo Trolley

A Self Propelled Trolley: Dumbo

Dumbo is a self propelled trolley available in three models: the 400 Volt Model, the Battery Model and the Model 400 Volt + Battery.

We design and build trailers weighing up to 200 Ton trailers modular and non. Dumbo can work in lots of different situations, even the most hard, without any problem. That’s because his remote controlled system.

Dumbo, mainly used in the fields of wind, sea, air water, power generators, military and industrial is synonymous of safety and reliability for your transport.

We sell our product in USA, North America, South America and Europe. Dumbo is designed and built with the help of researchers from the Polytechnic of Milan for work in the Gran Sasso.

Dumbo T15 Ticam
Dumbo Trolley T15
Dumbo T30 Ticam
Dumbo Trolley T30
Dumbo T50 Ticam
Dumbo Trolley T50
Dumbo T100 Ticam
Dumbo Trolley T100
Dumbo T150 Ticam
Dumbo Trolley T150
Dumbo T200 Ticam
Dumbo Trolley T200

Professionalism, image and technology are the distinctive features of Dumbo, the characteristics on which we base the success of our company.

Undisputed leaders for years in the transport sector exceptional, we guarantee Ticam of past and present better products.

For your transport, for your safety.